Every project begins with a conversation. Tell me about your manuscript and what your goals are. We'll work together to figure out how to best proceed. I accept credit cards and PayPal. My turn time is one week for a 50,000 word novel.

Let's get started! Email me at storybookediting@gmail.com


"Scott is a professional through and through, and takes a personal interest in your work that cannot be faked. Your writing will be stronger and more genuine, hands down."

"Scott was an absolute pleasure to work with. Without any input from me, he was able to highlight the parts I was struggling with. His insight was amazing and his suggestions and comments were spot on."

"Scott is one of the best editor/writers I have come across. Scott takes every project personally, going far and beyond to make sure your story is not just well-written, but is also a soulful story that connects with readers. I'd heartily recommend Scott if you are an artist, writer, storyteller, creator... heck! I'd recommend Scott to anybody. He's that good."

"Scott McCormick provided me with excellent character development feedback, helping me to add depth and realness. In addition, his guidance concerning the story structure proved to be extremely valuable, allowing me to deliver a book with great pace and fluidity. I couldn't recommend him enough."


I specialize in children's books, science fiction, and fantasy, but I have extensive experience in editing books in every genre, including nonfiction. No project is too big or too small. Every project demands my full attention and care.
My turn time is one week for a 50,000-word novel. I accept credit cards and PayPal.


My most popular service.

You’ve finished your book. Your spouse and your mom like it, but is it any good? Or, maybe you know something needs fixing, but you aren’t quite sure what it is. This is where I come in.

Developmental editing is a special skill. You can’t turn to a faceless editing house and get any valuable information. You need someone who knows the business and knows what makes books tick. I will read your book with an eye on the big picture: your structure, plot, voice, pacing, character arcs, and more.

But I’m not here just to point out your book’s flaws. My goal is to inspire you. So many of my customers come to me depressed after having gotten a vicious critique from another editor. That’s not my approach at all. Editing is a wonderful process. My first editor at Penguin helped me understand so much about writing, I never dreaded getting feedback from her. I welcomed it, eager to dive back in to my book.

When I’m done with your developmental edit, you will be excited to begin your next draft, knowing just what you need to do to make your book soar.

Note: This does not include a copy edit, though I will point out major language issues.

0.5¢ a word, $350 minimum


Many people confuse these two services, but they are different. With copy editing, I will focus on the language of your book, fixing your spelling and grammar, but also helping you to get rid of clichés, passive sentences, and keeping your voice consistent. After copy editing, you will still need to do a rewrite.

Proofreading is the final edit. You are hiring me to comb through your manuscript and catch any typos or inaccuracies. After a thorough proofread your manuscript is ready for publishing.

Each service: 1¢ a word, $350 minimum


Writing a great query letter is almost as hard as writing a great novel. And because agents and publishers don’t usually offer feedback, an author can be left wondering where they went wrong. Let me help you craft a query that will have agents clamoring for more.



Let acclaimed children's book author Scott McCormick give you a thoughtful and constructive edit of your book.

"Publishing is a tough business to break into, and affordable, helpful feedback from a professional is hard to come by.

That's why I started Storybook Editing. I wanted to offer writers the kind of guidance I wish I’d had when I began my writing career.

I will offer a sincere and constructive review of your work. I want you to come away from the experience feeling inspired and excited for the journey ahead.

To get started, simply email me and tell me about your book."



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